the hunterlab is a collaborative space that allows like minded people to explore new ways of drinking. combining fresh ideas, great design and quality drinks for every occasion - innovation is at the heart of hunterlab.

better drinks for better people. at any time in any place.

  • Motivation

    creating drinks with a collaborative effort in mind. Combining art, beverage culture and producers that care about their ingredients.

  • Merchandise

    we apply the same mind set for all products at Fernet Hunter and the hunterlab. We only want the best base products you can possibly get.

  • Memory

    fortunately we are surrounded by a lot of talented individuals, creating artwork, photography and designs for our projects. A big thank you from us to all of you involved.

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  • Fernet Hunter x Carbon Brews Radler

    This is the 2nd collaboration between two of Hong Kong’s pioneering beverage producers, spirits brand Fernet Hunter & Carbon Brews brewery. It’s the first beer they’ve created together with inspiration from the popular Radler style consumed in Austria, where Fernet Hunter is produced.

  • Hard Mango Tea

    The second instalment from the Hard Tea series sees the formidable pairing of Fernet Hunter & Oolong tea with a subtle hint of fresh Mango. This is not your typical tropical tea punch, containing far less sugar than its Ski counterparts by using a delicately roasted Tie Guan Yin makes it no less thirst quenching.

  • Hard Peach Tea

    The Hard Peach Tea is a charming carbonated beverage with a punchy peach profile and a delectable dryness, along with signature bitter notes from Fernet Hunter Granit. Sugar content is kept low so you stay hydrated, and allows you to enjoy several of these brewed beauties at any given time!