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Hard Lychee Tea

Hard Lychee Tea

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Welcome to Hard Lychee Tea and we mean HARD! We're not talking hard alcohol but extra hard Lychee aromas complemented by Taiwanese milky oolong tea and a backbone of Fernet Hunter Granit, brewed together right here in Hong Kong. This pairing miraculously developed a rose fragrance when they met that's enjoyed alongside the familiar bitter notes from Fernet Hunter Granit. What stands this Hard Tea apart and all our Hard Tea's is Fernet Hunter. This unique combination completes each other and in keeping with our ethos makes real drinks for real people.  Speaking of people, our old pal Omacke wound up his wizardry on the design again and came out with some new graphics for not just the can but the Koozie also. For our crew that likes it sweet, we have included some Japanese Ice Tea sugar for you to get that extra sweet lychee tea kick.

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